Water System Testing & Analysis


Water is the primary fire extinguishing media in use due to its ready availability and low cost.  The most important single factor dictating the design arrangement for any protection system is the quantity of water available at an Water System Testing & Analysiseffective pressure.  Use of experienced AIE’s engineers for performance of this work is beneficial vs. relying on water department, fire department, or sprinkler contractor personnel reporting.  Lack of experience, lack of understanding of test results, or conflicts of interest can skew test recommendations.

Generally, those using our services on a regular basis have found the resulting savings from alternatives offered and from the investigation and discovery of correctable problems on city supplies to exceed the cost of the services rendered.

Testing and analysis by AIE involves:

  • Use of Underwriter’s Playpipes, Hose Monsters, Pollard Diffusers, and calibrated gauges for all flows to resolve discharge coefficient disputes.
  • Performance of testing in accordance with NFPA 291 criteria.
  • Performance of simultaneous flow testing to determine the advantage of tying lines together.
  • Determination of hydraulic gradient to isolate problem areas.
  • Determination of the validity of test results based upon theoretically available public supplies.
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