Sprinkler System Commissioning

Wet and Dry Sprinkler System Acceptance Testing

The vast selection of fire sprinkler options today provide a tremendous level of protection while also limiting in-rack Sprinkler System Commissioningsprinklers and allowing greater spacing options than just a few years ago.  The downside to this flexibility is that it often comes with more restrictions on placement and obstructions to the spray pattern.  At Alternatives in Engineering (AIE) we can perform inspections of the construction as the project is completed, thereby ensuring that the customer is getting the proper sprinkler protection they are paying for.

Fire Pump Acceptance Testing

AIE can act as an owner’s representative for new fire pump start-ups.  We have witnessed and performed hundreds of fire pump tests and all of our employees are very experienced with the NFPA requirements for pump installation and the start-up procedures.  Most of our field-personnel have completed the Peerless Fire Pump Technician workshop and are certified as Peerless pump representatives.

NFPA 3 – Recommendation Practice for Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems

As NFPA 3 becomes adopted by communities a new building project is going to require a Fire Commissioning Agent.  Choose AIE to be your Fire Commissioning Agent.  We have broad experience with the installation of fire protection systems and are also experienced in the operation and maintenance of these systems.

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