Plan Review Services

Reviews can be done from a number of view points and to satisfy varying needs.

Bid documents prepared by others:Plan Review Services

Review documents for compliance with applicable codes and standards and for provision of the most economical means of protection.  A conflict of interest sometimes exists in assuring the most economical solution when specifications are prepared by design firms on a percentage remuneration contract or by design-build firms.  Such reviews would normally be performed as a consultant to the owner.

Working drawings prepared by contractors:

Review drawings for compliance with codes and specifications.  Such work can be performed as the owners’ consultant, as consultant to a jurisdictional authority, or as consultant to an insurance carrier.

Working drawings on cost plus projects:

Review drawings to achieve specified protection in the most economical manner.  This would normally be performed as consultant to the owner or a design-build contractor.

Design drawings prepared by architectural/engineering firms:

Review drawings for compliance with protection, life safety, and existing criteria.  Such review is required on most government projects and would be typically performed as consultant to the design firm or as a member of the project design team.  This would also be of value to design teams needing a third party review or when local jurisdictional authorities do not review for code compliance.

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