Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Annual fire sprinkler maintenance is vital to ensure the effective operation of your system in the event of a fire.  If you aren’t sure when your last fire sprinkler maintenance took place, please contact AIE today to schedule an inspection.

Fire sprinkler maintenance is especially important for nightclubs, motels and factories, as those structures tend to have the highest death tolls caused by fires.

Proper maintenance support includes checking all fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinkler systems throughout the building, including commercial kitchens.

Without proper fire sprinkler maintenance, you run the risk of damages caused by ineffective operation or operational failure of your sprinkler system.

Fire protection systems including sprinklers, alarms and fire extinguishers can significantly improve the safety of your structure and guard the lives and property contained within.

Reliability and Effectiveness of Fire Sprinklers

Installed fire sprinkler systems have been found to be effective 91% of the time during reported structure fires (excluding partial installations, buildings under construction, and small fires).

The other 9% of the time, the system failure or inadequacies could likely have been prevented with improved fire sprinkler maintenance, or by a more thorough system inspection and evaluation as provided by AIE.

Ineffective Operation of Fire Sprinkler Systems

When sprinklers operate but are ineffective, the cause is usually related to an insufficiency of water applied to the fire.

  • 44% of cases of ineffective performance were due to water not reaching the fire
  • 30% of cases of ineffective performance had to do with inadequate amounts of water being released from the sprinklers


Other leading reasons for ineffective fire sprinkler system performance have included:

  • System component damage (8%)
  • Manual intervention that defeated the system (7%)
  • Lack of fire sprinkler maintenance (7%)
  • Inappropriate system for the type of fire (5%)

Failure to Operate: Negligence or Inadequate System

When sprinklers fail to operate, 64% of the time, the reason for failure was shutoff of the system before a fire began.  It is common for a technician or inspector to turn off the system during the course of routine inspection or maintenance, but a conscientious servicer will be SURE to turn the system back on once the fire sprinkler maintenance or inspection is completed.

Other leading reasons for fire sprinkler system failure may include:

  • Manual intervention that defeated the system (17%)
  • Lack of fire sprinkler maintenance (6%)
  • Inadequate system for the type of fire (5%)
  • 7% of sprinkler failures were attributed to component damage.


This is precisely why it is so important to work with an experienced and prudent fire protection company.  At AIE, our technicians and inspectors are highly trained and thorough to a fault.  Your system will always be in perfect working condition after we have taken care of your fire sprinkler maintenance.

When it comes to fire protection, proper fire sprinkler maintenance not only protects your property and investment, but it can also save lives.  Do not risk the damages caused by an inadequate or operationally void system.  Call AIE today to schedule an inspection or fire sprinkler maintenance appointment.

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