How to Keep Your Fire Sprinklers from Freezing

Fire sprinkler designs aren’t always adequately prepared for freezing temperatures, be they wet or dry designs. Wet sprinklers especially need extra precaution for harsh winter months in St. Louis and the country. Proper precautions should be taken before cold weather, during cold weather, and during long periods of vacancy to prevent freeze failures in the pipes of fire sprinkler designs.

Fire Inspection

 Preparing for Cold Weather

Wet and dry fire sprinkler designs require different preparations. AIE has helped multiple businesses prepare both wet and dry designs for cold weather in St. Louis and the country. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Fire Sprinklers from Freezing” »

The Importance of Having the Right Sprinkler System

 Installing a sprinkler system is more than just a required construction cost. Having a sprinkler system that works precisely for your building can save lives and prevent you from spending tens of thousands of dollars on property damage and lost business.

 Architects and building owners across the St. Louis area and the country are recognizing the value of sprinkler systems.

 How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

Automatic sprinkler systems are heat activated and formed by a network of piping which holds water under pressure. Whenever the temperature rises to the system’s specific heating point, a link will melt or a glass bulb will break. Water is then released to keep the fire from growing.  Typically, only one or two sprinklers are activated. Continue reading “The Importance of Having the Right Sprinkler System” »

What we offer

Alternatives in Engineering provides fire protection engineering consulting services including code review, construction follow up inspections, system design, design supervision, bid specifications, hydraulic calculations, plan review, property loss prevention inspections, recommendation review, special investigation & analysis, and water supply testing.

CODE CONSULTING – Review can be performed for code compliance.  Work can also include determination ofWhat We Offeracceptable alternative arrangements and drafting of project fire protection specification to conform to codes.

CONSTRUCTION FOLLOW UP INSPECTIONS– Visits are made to a project under construction to assure compliance with project fire protection specifications.  They are generally performed as a consultant to the owner.  However, such services can also be of great value to architectural firms and general contractors.  Inspection frequency varies with the size of projects and scope of work provided.  Typically visits are made every 4-6 weeks on projects in the 1,000,000 sq. ft. size range. Continue reading “What we offer” »