Fire Protection Engineering Services

Fire protection engineering is the combination of principals and practices that aim to predict fire hazards and protect property against the possible damages caused by fire. Fire engineering can be provided through many different services.


  • Design Services- In the preliminary stages, fire protection engineering would include design services for fire protection solutions based on a risk and hazard analysis, code consultation, and hydraulic analysis.


  • Fire Hazard Assessments- Fire protection engineering involves evaluating whether there are fire hazards, what the risk of a fire is, and measuring what damages a fire would cause. This evaluation can be done using a hazard analysis.

  • Damage Control- If fire protection is engineered correctly, it can mitigate potential fire damages. This can be done through proper construction and layout designs. Building use, materials used, transportation systems, and building structure can also affect fire damage control.


  • Fire Prevention- The ultimate goal is to prevent fires from occurring in the first place. Ideal preventative and protection services can minimize the chances of a fire.



  • Fire Cause Investigation- If a fire does occur, fire protection engineering provides services to investigate, evaluate, and give feedback regarding the accident and damages.


  • Code Reviews- Many fire protection and fire safety systems need to follow certain codes. Code consultations can review existing situations or new projects for code compliance.


Fire protection engineering covers many different services ranging from system planning, to fire prevention, to system maintenance. Because these services require specific expertise and must often meet certain codes, a fire protection engineer should be consulted for any fire protection needs.


What is a Fire Protection Engineer?A fire protection engineer is a professional with education and training involved with the nature of fire, how it spreads, and understanding how to mitigate fires or fire hazards. Fire engineers go through rigorous training programs where they learn about the science, technology, psychology, management and laws involved in protecting people and property against the dangers of fire.


The training fire protection engineers complete prepares them to understand the nature of fire and how it works. They know all common combustible materials and where to look for them. Fire protection engineers understand how fires start and how they spread within and outside of buildings. To compliment this knowledge, they also know how to predict, control, and extinguish fires. Their technical knowledge includes information on materials, structures, apparatuses, and fire safety systems. All of which prepares them to execute fire protection engineering effectively.


Fire protection engineers have been specially trained to work safely and efficiently in evaluating, maintaining, and engineering fire protection solutions. This special training is why a fire protection engineer should be consulted for any fire protection solution.


AIE is committed to fire protection engineering and maintaining excellent fire protection services. If you need fire protection engineering or inspection and maintenance services, contact us today or call 800-892-9863.

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