The Importance of Having the Right Sprinkler System

 Installing a sprinkler system is more than just a required construction cost. Having a sprinkler system that works precisely for your building can save lives and prevent you from spending tens of thousands of dollars on property damage and lost business.

 Architects and building owners across the St. Louis area and the country are recognizing the value of sprinkler systems.

 How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

Automatic sprinkler systems are heat activated and formed by a network of piping which holds water under pressure. Whenever the temperature rises to the system’s specific heating point, a link will melt or a glass bulb will break. Water is then released to keep the fire from growing.  Typically, only one or two sprinklers are activated.

Controlling a fire is vital when it comes to protecting the lives of those working or doing business in your building, as well as minimizing damage to your property.

The National Fire Protection Association released a statistic in 2011 estimating that 17,500 people were injured and over $11.7 billion was spent on property loss due to fires.

Which Sprinkler System is Best for Your Facility?

There are several factors to consider when determining proper sprinkler system needs in St. Louis and nationwide.

Commercial buildings are categorized using different fire hazard levels. A fire hazard level is determined by factors such as the material used in construction, the processes performed in the building, and the number of floors and rooms.

Your design area is defined as the worst possible place in your building where a fire could occur. The risk level of this room is usually applied as the risk level for the entire building.

Density is determined by gallons of water per minute that it will take to control a fire in the design area.

Once these factors are resolved we can take the next step toward determining which sprinkler system is right for your building.  Calculations are performed based on factors such as water pressure, reductions due to friction or elevation, and momentum of water travel. After these calculations are complete, it will be more clear which sprinkler design is needed. Control mode, suppression, and fast-response are some of the many possible sprinkler designs.

The professionals at AIE can perform detailed calculations to ensure the safety and protection of your facility.  Our consultants are available in the St. Louis area and across the greater United States.

Who Should Install or Maintain a Sprinkler System?

Only a licensed professional should install or maintain your sprinkler system.  The fire protection consultants at AIE act as a specialized third party, finding the best professionals and most cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.  We will make sure that your facility complies with all local codes and insurance requirements, and also maintains proper sprinkler coverage for the components of your commercial building.

For a comprehensive sprinkler system evaluation in your commercial building,
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