On this Date in History: February 23, 1991

Contributed by Stephanie Lange

One Meridian Plaza Fire
Three Philadelphia firefighters lost their lives fighting the largest high-rise office building fire in modern American history at the Meridian Bank Building, also known as One Meridian Plaza. Twenty-four additional firefighters were injured. The fire extended from the 22nd up to the 30th floor, with an estimated $100 million in direct property damage. Twelve-alarms brought 51 engine companies and over 300 firefighters to the scene.

Construction on the 38-story Meridian Bank Building began in 1968 and was completed for occupancy in 1973. The building’s fire protection systems was upgraded around 1988. Manual pull fire alarms were replaced by automatic central station monitored alarms. The originally installed dry standpipe system was replaced with a wet system that was fed by Continue reading “On this Date in History: February 23, 1991” »

The Importance of Having the Right Sprinkler System

 Installing a sprinkler system is more than just a required construction cost. Having a sprinkler system that works precisely for your building can save lives and prevent you from spending tens of thousands of dollars on property damage and lost business.

 Architects and building owners across the St. Louis area and the country are recognizing the value of sprinkler systems.

 How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

Automatic sprinkler systems are heat activated and formed by a network of piping which holds water under pressure. Whenever the temperature rises to the system’s specific heating point, a link will melt or a glass bulb will break. Water is then released to keep the fire from growing.  Typically, only one or two sprinklers are activated. Continue reading “The Importance of Having the Right Sprinkler System” »